Pink and brown

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Everybody has them. You cannot get away from them. Most, you become friends with, have barbeques with, and raise your children around... On the other hand, you have those that you just cannot come to live with. My neighbors take the cake. They have four boys. The oldest three are members of a very notorious gang. Last year, they had a drive by shooting. Leaving them with 14 rounds in their house. The dad was becides himself. The Mommy was laughing.

Yes, I said laughing.

Last night, when we were getting ready for bed, our doorbell rings. Mind you, this is almost ten o'clock at night. I go downstairs and answer the door. It is a man with a warrent, asking me if I had seen this person(my neighbors kid). Thank heavens, he hasn't been around much since the shooting.

Too bad that I thought bounty hunters were only in big cities. Because, I never thought that I would have to face one. I am glad that he wasn't here for anybody in my family.

So needless to say, I do not like my neighbors.

Tell me about the neighbors you have issues with. Maybe, I will have a chuckle or two with you.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Dinner Time

Tonight I made lasagna, peas, and garlic bread. Emily was eating the peas for about five minutes, and then tried the lasagna. Out came "Damn Good, Grandma". Gotta love the babysitter.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Emily's Birthday Pictures

Happy Birthday to you, Miss Monkey Pants.
But, that is what happens when you work full time, have constant DR. appts. and have no time after cleaning and laundry, and of course PLAYING with the Monkey.

Thanks to all of her familly and friends who brought her some wonderful gifts, I am working on thank you cards. I promise.
This is probably the only picture you will ever see of me.
Monkey wouldn't leave grandmas arms

The beautiful cake grandma made.

The Spread. WOW that was a lot of food. Thanks to everybody for bringing something yummy.

The cute birthday girl teddy bear cake. Just For Emily. She loved it. She has also never had this much sugar in her life.

This is her first taste of yummy frosting.

She decides it is so goooood, she needs a whole mouthful.Its much more fun if you smash the cake. Taste all of the different colors of frosting.

And decide you are done, and throw and toss the cake all over.

But the Monkey had a lot of fun. So did all of the family and friends. Thanks to all of you. Love ya. I hope the next year goes by slower than the first. But I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Happy Birthday EM.

Emily's Birthday

Emily's birthday was Thursday. Tonight we are celebrating her 1st birthday. I will post pictures later. We are very excited, yet kinda sad... I can't believe that we have had this angel for one whole year. We have watched her grow, explore and experiment with everything.

She loves to climb, and jump and be into everything, for this we call her our little monkey. I love that she will go to just about everybody. (I know that wont last.) I love that she lights up when I come home from work. I love the cheesy grin she gives me when she is being naughty.

I love that she came into this world big enough that I wasn't afraid I was going to break her. That she never lost her hair, except for the many hair cuts that grandma wasn't too fond of. I love that she studies every thing. I am glad you are here.