Pink and brown

Saturday, July 5, 2008

All the Cousins,

I have to share with you the talent that my sister have. For my moms birthday last week, they gathered up all the grandchildren and took these beautiful pictures. It takes a lot of talent and effort to make five children laugh and smile.

The beautiful Amelia, Princess.
Beautiful Tess, Spunky.

My Beautiful Emily, Monkey. Beautiful Sophie, Squishy.
And the youngest, Handsome Rowdy, or Buckaroo.Give the sis's a big hand... They are wonderful.
Thanks guys for all of the help that you have given me and my
family over the past couple of weeks. We will forever be grateful.
Thanks for my mom and my sisters for taking my baby girl,
and caring for her as if she was your own.
Thank you for making this one of the easiest recoveries this year.
Thanks for the many prayers that have helped me mentally be
able to handle this past fifteen months.
Thanks to the Dr's that have made it possible to be put back together.
Thanks to my neighbor, who is a very dear friend.
Who organized dinners for my family.
And brought the ladies of the ward over to visit.
And has found time to visit or call often.
Thank you Heavenly Father, for sending me the best little girl in the world.
You knew how much I needed her. You knew how good she would have to be,
in order for me to survive this past year. She has made everything that I have gone through worth every ounce of pain, and every tear.
Thank you for giving me a husband who is patient and loving.