Pink and brown

Friday, September 19, 2008

Okay, I have been busy, really I have. I have been getting better, YEAH! Slowly. Emily and I made it to the state fair this last week, and um, I forgot my camera. So Sorry you don't get to see any pictures of her petting the calf, piglett, or the sheep, and you don't get to see her riding on the ponies. Sorry. Still she had a lot of fun.

Okay I had to show you this face. I find it quite amusing. Just not when I am feeding her. This is a I DON'T LIKE IT, AND YOU CAN NOT MAKE ME EAT IT look. This makes me frusterated, beyond belief.
Our Family went to the zoo on Saturday, and you will see a lot of pictures of Emily with her dad. This would be Em's first slide ride. She hasn't been outside a lot this year, we have been confined to my house, due to many issues.
This is Emily being a big girl on the big teater totter.
This is the monkey that had turrets. He had this OCD about smiling every other second. Seriously. I didn't get one of him smiling.
Emily would not take her eyes off of the elephants.
By this time, Emily was really tired. She was scared to sit on the carousel, but was a little bit braver with her dad with her.I cannot tell you how much I want turkey day to be here. If only just for the family spending the whole day together. I have to say, I am really glad I have a patient dog. Look at the way these two get along. The dog will come and sit or lay next to Emily, just so Em can maule her. She doesn't mind having her ears pulled, or being slapped, or having her teeth examined. Boy am I lucky.

So now I have to tell you the funny thing Emily did. My mom and I were going to the store, because there is a big case lot sale going on, and I wanted to stock up my food storage. So Emily was sitting in the back seat singing and chatting with herself.
I look back at her and say "Hey Em, how are you doing?"
She looks at me with this serious look and says "SHUT UP".
I turn to my mom and ask, with a funny look on my face, and say "Did she really just tell me this?"
Now how do you explain to a 16 month old, that we do not say shut up, and that we only say shhhh. Ecspecially if all you understand is that she sounds like she is speaking Chinese. I don't know most of the time what she is saying.
Later on my drive home, Em says " Mom"
I said "What"
She says "SHUT UP"
I give up.