Pink and brown

Friday, April 18, 2008

Projects at work

Have you ever really worked hard on a project? I have worked the last two months on a promotion for work. I am in charge of newspaper carriers. I have 90 routes that I am over. Maybe 80 different carriers. These people usually make my job difficult or really easy. Most of the time, they make my job relativaly easy.

So I was planning an activity to reward their good work. I invited another managers area to participate with mine. I rented a popcorn machine, got popcorn, salt and oil. I bought a movie. I went to Best Buy, Mega Plex and bought about $150.00 in gift certificates. From the website that the newspaper sells things off of, I got Speed Street racing tickets, Nature Center Tickets, Dinosaur Park tickets, Treehouse Museum, and Chick-fil-a gift certificates. I spent a lot of time doing fliers, talking with carriers, etc.

So my promotion was tonight. It was a good learning experience.

Two carriers showed up. Neither of which, were my carriers. I spent so much time on this project, it really discourages me from doing another one. Unfortunately, I have a lot of other ideas in my head for other promotions.

Thank you to the 2 carriers and your families for coming and enjoying NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM. (That was the movie we watched.) But 2 families were better than nobody showing up.

I found out that North Ogden Jr. was putting on a play, so that took out over half of my district. So maybe next time, they will come. If I do another promo, they will come. HAHAHA.


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Swing sets

Hey Everybody out there. I have to find a good swing set. Emily's (Monkeys) Birthday is in two weeks. I can't believe she is going to be one already. If you have any ideas besides Wal-Mart, please let me know. I need HELP! Thanks.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Cool Website for kids treats

Hey I was just browsing the web, and somehow landed on this website just thought that if you would like to make something creative, this website could be fun.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Tonight it is late at night. I have been up since 3:45 A.M. But, since I haven't posted in a while, you can see crooked pictures. Indian has summoned a post. I will start off with Easter. Monkey recieved her very own cell phone. She has played with this for hours. She loves it, mostley, because it is the same color as mommies.

For Easter breakfast, Monkey and I, ate waffles (on the bed). Isn't she cute in her bunny sleepers. She Loves to climb on the iron decor that is my headboard. She thinks it is great to make monkey noises as she reaches for the top (she really does).
Monkey is quite amused by glasses. So Mr. Bunny brought her a few pairs for Easter. They wigged her out and she fell over backwards. While never letting go of her new phone. It is quite cute, princesses and all.
Monkey is learning that she can do more than just crawl (at lightening speeds), she never just paces herself with this little walker, she runs. She just goes. Over the dogs, shoes, daddy, mommie, whatever is in her way. I just cannot get enough of her.

Really, I try to clean my house. I put the Monkey's dirty clothes in her basket. While I attempt to fold her clothes or put her toys away, she proceedes to take all the dirty clothes out, and FLING them across the room.
Every room ends up like this. Toys, shoes, blankets. You name it. It never stays where it is supposed to.

Monkey, always knows when I am taking her picture. This is usually what happens. She attempts to rip the camera away from me. When she can't have it she has learned that she can throw a tantrum. I think she learned it from the babysitter. Maybe not. For those of you with smaller kids. Just wait. Especially when you are in the store, and grandma is laughing because your child is screaming. It is really fun.

My life has been extremely hectic lately. I will try to post more often, but, I cannot make any promises. I get up at 4:15 daily, go to work at 5:00. Work till 2 or 3. Play with monkey, fix dinner, bath time, story time, and bed by 11:00. Unfortunately, I love to read and linger on your posts, but that is usually while I am at work, checking my email.. Thanks for your guys' comments.