Pink and brown

Friday, December 26, 2008


Pictures speak for themselves, sometimes.
Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Crazy Crazy I was Crazy once, and it never stopped.

Today, I drove about 350 miles give or take one or two. We were finding an address in the middle of nowhere. We finally found the "Damn Road", I don't remember the name, but really, Damn is included. We drove about five miles in, and crossed a set of rail road tracks that looked like they had been built about five hundred years ago. Shortly after the tracks,,, we get to a very dirt road. This would have been nice if I hadn't of been in a car. So we follow it down for about two miles. We come to the Energy station, or something, We cross two very old wooden bridges, while we are gripping our hands to the steering wheel, and the oh shit bar. These bridges would be fine, but, until they make termites the national bug, I will refuse to appreciate them. We got to the other side, and there was a locked gate. So we have to turn around, and go back. Over the two bridges, and tracks, down a steeeeep hill, that had ruts the size of our car. See This is the hill we came down. See the higher ridge, there are no guard rails, just a cliff on the one side of you.

We get to the bottom of the hill, and we have to cross yet another ancient bridge, That is 4 times longer than the previous two. I got out of the car, while having a major panic attack, can see down through the wood, because five hundred years of termites, and wood, you get the picture.
See you can see the spots where they have attempted to patch the wood. Well it looked like if you missed the boards for tires, you would fall through. Not wanting to go over, we drove so slowly, and yeah, we made it. Since i didn't want to go over this bridge again, so we drove for over an hour out of our way, just to avoid the bridge.

Okay, now that Halloween is officially past and over, here is my cutest little lady bug, who wouldn't hold still for pictures. She officially hates Halloween.
This is the only picture I have with the three of us. And probably the only picture I will post that includes me. Because, usually I am the one with the camera.
If you guys have anything you would like me to post about, let me know. I have been crazy busy at work, and trying to clean and dejunk my house. Have a great Thanksgiving.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Okay, I have been busy, really I have. I have been getting better, YEAH! Slowly. Emily and I made it to the state fair this last week, and um, I forgot my camera. So Sorry you don't get to see any pictures of her petting the calf, piglett, or the sheep, and you don't get to see her riding on the ponies. Sorry. Still she had a lot of fun.

Okay I had to show you this face. I find it quite amusing. Just not when I am feeding her. This is a I DON'T LIKE IT, AND YOU CAN NOT MAKE ME EAT IT look. This makes me frusterated, beyond belief.
Our Family went to the zoo on Saturday, and you will see a lot of pictures of Emily with her dad. This would be Em's first slide ride. She hasn't been outside a lot this year, we have been confined to my house, due to many issues.
This is Emily being a big girl on the big teater totter.
This is the monkey that had turrets. He had this OCD about smiling every other second. Seriously. I didn't get one of him smiling.
Emily would not take her eyes off of the elephants.
By this time, Emily was really tired. She was scared to sit on the carousel, but was a little bit braver with her dad with her.I cannot tell you how much I want turkey day to be here. If only just for the family spending the whole day together. I have to say, I am really glad I have a patient dog. Look at the way these two get along. The dog will come and sit or lay next to Emily, just so Em can maule her. She doesn't mind having her ears pulled, or being slapped, or having her teeth examined. Boy am I lucky.

So now I have to tell you the funny thing Emily did. My mom and I were going to the store, because there is a big case lot sale going on, and I wanted to stock up my food storage. So Emily was sitting in the back seat singing and chatting with herself.
I look back at her and say "Hey Em, how are you doing?"
She looks at me with this serious look and says "SHUT UP".
I turn to my mom and ask, with a funny look on my face, and say "Did she really just tell me this?"
Now how do you explain to a 16 month old, that we do not say shut up, and that we only say shhhh. Ecspecially if all you understand is that she sounds like she is speaking Chinese. I don't know most of the time what she is saying.
Later on my drive home, Em says " Mom"
I said "What"
She says "SHUT UP"
I give up.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I haven't posted in a while because my life is kinda boring, but that is the way I like it. No Drama. I am posting a few pictures, but I do not have a lot of good ones so enjoy if you would like.

Emily enjoys getting dressed herself these days. Just look at the outfit combo.
Not something I would pick out.

She gets really mad that she cannot have the camera.
Make your own decision.
Enjoying her lunch, no help from mom.
This is the first time I have straightened her hair. I cannot believe how long it is. Usually it is in tight ringletts around the base of her head. Not past her shoulders.

Emily decided that she is definatly my daughter. Notice the lack of clothing in these pictures.
Anyways, sorry but not much to say.

Love ya all.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

All the Cousins,

I have to share with you the talent that my sister have. For my moms birthday last week, they gathered up all the grandchildren and took these beautiful pictures. It takes a lot of talent and effort to make five children laugh and smile.

The beautiful Amelia, Princess.
Beautiful Tess, Spunky.

My Beautiful Emily, Monkey. Beautiful Sophie, Squishy.
And the youngest, Handsome Rowdy, or Buckaroo.Give the sis's a big hand... They are wonderful.
Thanks guys for all of the help that you have given me and my
family over the past couple of weeks. We will forever be grateful.
Thanks for my mom and my sisters for taking my baby girl,
and caring for her as if she was your own.
Thank you for making this one of the easiest recoveries this year.
Thanks for the many prayers that have helped me mentally be
able to handle this past fifteen months.
Thanks to the Dr's that have made it possible to be put back together.
Thanks to my neighbor, who is a very dear friend.
Who organized dinners for my family.
And brought the ladies of the ward over to visit.
And has found time to visit or call often.
Thank you Heavenly Father, for sending me the best little girl in the world.
You knew how much I needed her. You knew how good she would have to be,
in order for me to survive this past year. She has made everything that I have gone through worth every ounce of pain, and every tear.
Thank you for giving me a husband who is patient and loving.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Time. It is the one thing we never have enough of. Time is the one thing that is endless. Time always runs out when you need more of it. Time is the one thing I don't have.

Last Wednesday, I went in for surgery, again. Five times in fourteen months. One C-section. One attempted hernia repair. One Hernia repair. One Tonsillectomy. And finally a Major abdominal repair, and muscle repair, and slight tummy tuck. Ouch.

I thought that I had time to do my job and get every aspect of the house clean. I wasn't planning on having surgery until the middle of July. Not the 18Th of June.

I didn't get the dishes done, the laundry done, or the carpets scrubbed. You see, I was too busy playing with my one year old. I didn' t know when the next time I would see her would be. I don't know when the next time I will get down on the floor and play with her. I was too busy being a mom.

Since I have been home, I came home Tuesday night (I despise rush hour traffic!) I have gotten many hugs and kisses from Emily. My Husband has cleaned the dishes, finished some laundry. and pulled the weeds.

Time- thank heavens we will always have more.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Everybody has them. You cannot get away from them. Most, you become friends with, have barbeques with, and raise your children around... On the other hand, you have those that you just cannot come to live with. My neighbors take the cake. They have four boys. The oldest three are members of a very notorious gang. Last year, they had a drive by shooting. Leaving them with 14 rounds in their house. The dad was becides himself. The Mommy was laughing.

Yes, I said laughing.

Last night, when we were getting ready for bed, our doorbell rings. Mind you, this is almost ten o'clock at night. I go downstairs and answer the door. It is a man with a warrent, asking me if I had seen this person(my neighbors kid). Thank heavens, he hasn't been around much since the shooting.

Too bad that I thought bounty hunters were only in big cities. Because, I never thought that I would have to face one. I am glad that he wasn't here for anybody in my family.

So needless to say, I do not like my neighbors.

Tell me about the neighbors you have issues with. Maybe, I will have a chuckle or two with you.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Dinner Time

Tonight I made lasagna, peas, and garlic bread. Emily was eating the peas for about five minutes, and then tried the lasagna. Out came "Damn Good, Grandma". Gotta love the babysitter.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Emily's Birthday Pictures

Happy Birthday to you, Miss Monkey Pants.
But, that is what happens when you work full time, have constant DR. appts. and have no time after cleaning and laundry, and of course PLAYING with the Monkey.

Thanks to all of her familly and friends who brought her some wonderful gifts, I am working on thank you cards. I promise.
This is probably the only picture you will ever see of me.
Monkey wouldn't leave grandmas arms

The beautiful cake grandma made.

The Spread. WOW that was a lot of food. Thanks to everybody for bringing something yummy.

The cute birthday girl teddy bear cake. Just For Emily. She loved it. She has also never had this much sugar in her life.

This is her first taste of yummy frosting.

She decides it is so goooood, she needs a whole mouthful.Its much more fun if you smash the cake. Taste all of the different colors of frosting.

And decide you are done, and throw and toss the cake all over.

But the Monkey had a lot of fun. So did all of the family and friends. Thanks to all of you. Love ya. I hope the next year goes by slower than the first. But I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Happy Birthday EM.