Pink and brown

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Crazy Crazy I was Crazy once, and it never stopped.

Today, I drove about 350 miles give or take one or two. We were finding an address in the middle of nowhere. We finally found the "Damn Road", I don't remember the name, but really, Damn is included. We drove about five miles in, and crossed a set of rail road tracks that looked like they had been built about five hundred years ago. Shortly after the tracks,,, we get to a very dirt road. This would have been nice if I hadn't of been in a car. So we follow it down for about two miles. We come to the Energy station, or something, We cross two very old wooden bridges, while we are gripping our hands to the steering wheel, and the oh shit bar. These bridges would be fine, but, until they make termites the national bug, I will refuse to appreciate them. We got to the other side, and there was a locked gate. So we have to turn around, and go back. Over the two bridges, and tracks, down a steeeeep hill, that had ruts the size of our car. See This is the hill we came down. See the higher ridge, there are no guard rails, just a cliff on the one side of you.

We get to the bottom of the hill, and we have to cross yet another ancient bridge, That is 4 times longer than the previous two. I got out of the car, while having a major panic attack, can see down through the wood, because five hundred years of termites, and wood, you get the picture.
See you can see the spots where they have attempted to patch the wood. Well it looked like if you missed the boards for tires, you would fall through. Not wanting to go over, we drove so slowly, and yeah, we made it. Since i didn't want to go over this bridge again, so we drove for over an hour out of our way, just to avoid the bridge.

Okay, now that Halloween is officially past and over, here is my cutest little lady bug, who wouldn't hold still for pictures. She officially hates Halloween.
This is the only picture I have with the three of us. And probably the only picture I will post that includes me. Because, usually I am the one with the camera.
If you guys have anything you would like me to post about, let me know. I have been crazy busy at work, and trying to clean and dejunk my house. Have a great Thanksgiving.